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SealandSend Invitations can be used for weddings, anniversaries, save the date announcements or other social occasions, graduations or open houses, birth announcements, family or class reunions, religious celebrations, and more.


Here are just a few of the invitations that have been created. Click the images to enlarge.

Pre-Wedding Samples | Wedding Samples | Post-Wedding Samples | Anniversary Samples | Special Occasion Samples
Pre-Wedding Samples (Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding Shower, Save the Date)
Post Rehearsal Dinner Invitations PR1 Wedding Shower Invitations PR2 Save The Date Invitations PR3 Save-The-Date Invitations PR4 Save-The-Day Invitations PR5
PR1 - Post Rehearsal Dinner PR2 - Wedding Shower PR3 - Save the Date
PR4 - Save the Date
PR5 - Save the Date
Save the Date - PR14 Save the Date - PR16 Save the Date - PR35 Save the Date - PR74  
PR14 - Save the Date
Coordinated Package (WE14)
PR16 - Save the Date
Coordinated Package (WE16)
PR35 - Save the Date
Coordinated Package (WE35)
PR74 - Save the Date
Coordinated Package (WE74)
Wedding Samples
Photo Strip Invitations WE1 Leaf Heart Invitations WE2 Fleur-de-lis Invitations WE3 Natural Beauty WE4 Dreamy Scrolls WE5
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WE2 - Leaf Heart WE3 - Fleur-de-lis
WE4 - Natural Beauty WE5 - Dreamy Scrolls
Vintage Romance WE6 Classic Hearts WE7 Brushed Border Invitations WE8 Birds in Love WE9 Woodland Branch WE10
WE6 - Vintage Romance WE7 - Classic Heart WE8 - Brushed Border
WE9 - Birds in Love WE10 - Woodland Branch
Snowy Pines WE11 Two Lives One Path Invitations WE12 Formal Cross WE13 Double Rings WE14 Enchanting Swirls WE15
WE11 - Snowy Pines WE12 - Two Lives, One Path WE13 - Formal Cross WE14 - Double Rings WE15 - Enchanting Swirls
Fishing Invitation WE16 The Perfect Catch WE17 Vintage Scrolls WE18 Silver Hearts WE19 Cross Your Heart WE20
WE16 - Fishing Invitation WE17 - The Perfect Catch WE18 - Vintage Scrolls WE19 - Silver Hearts WE20 - Cross Your Heart
Calla Lily Invitation WE21 Western Typography WE22 Damask Details WE23 I Do Invitations WE24 Sweet Symphony WE25
WE21 - Calla Lily Invitation WE22 - Western Typography WE23 - Damask Details WE24 - "I Do" Invitation WE25 - Sweet Symphony
Peacock Plume WE26 Delightful Daisies WE27 Carnival Script WE28 Winter Snowflakes WE29 Vintage Pennants WE30
WE26 - Peacock Plume WE27 - Delightful Daisies WE28 - Carnival Script WE29 - Winter Snowflakes WE30 - Vintage Pennants
Swirling Elegance WE31 Beachy Dream WE32 Sunny Pair WE33 Hydranga Border WE34 Striped Sophisticate WE35
WE31 - Swirling Elegance WE32 - Beachy Dream WE33 - Sunny Pair WE34 - Hydranga Border WE35 - Striped Sophisticate
Playful Hearts WE36 Celtic Invitation WE37 Charming Callas WE38 Sweet Sea Shells WE39 Lovely Lemons and Limes WE40
WE36 - Playful Hearts WE37 - Celtic Invitation WE38 - Charming Callas WE39 - Sweet Sea Shells WE40 - Lovely Lemons and Limes
Playful Patterns WE41 Faith Hope Love WE42 Palm Tree Paradise WE43 Sweet Vineyard WE44 Lucky in Love WE45
WE41 - Playful Patterns WE42 - Faith Hope Love WE43 - Palm Tree Paradise WE44 - Sweet Vineyard WE45 - Lucky in Love
Lovely Vision WE46 Delightful Date WE47 Vintage Washed Damask WE48 Twirling Tendrils WE49 Modern Hearts WE50
WE46 - Lovely Vision WE47 - Delightful Date WE48 - Vintage Washed Damask WE49 - Twirling Tendrils WE50 - Modern Hearts
Tasteful Pennant WE51 Wild Romance WE52 Floral Monogram WE53 Vision of Romance WE54 Radiant Roses WE55
WE51 - Tasteful Pennant WE52 - Wild Romance WE53 - Floral Monogram WE54 - Vision of Romance WE55 - Radiant Roses
Splendid Starlings WE56 Dots and Stripes WE57 Playful Daisy WE58 Enchanting Branches WE59 Blissful Monogram WE60
WE56 - Splendid Starlings WE57 - Dots and Stripes WE58 - Playful Daisy WE59 - Enchanting Branches WE60 - Blissful Monogram
Chic Clovers WE61 Fall Leaves WE62 Cheerful Bouquet WE63 Vintage Peacock WE64 Amber Wheat WE65
WE61 - Chic Clovers WE62 - Fall Leaves WE63 - Cheerful Bouquet WE64 - Vintage Peacock WE65 - Amber Wheat
Winter Branches WE66 Posh Flower WE67 Fine Flourish WE68 Lovely Lillies WE69 Blooming Border WE70
WE66 - Winter Branches WE67 - Posh Flower WE68 - Fine Flourish WE69 - Lovely Lillies WE70 - Blooming Border
Entwined Scripture WE71 Sophisticated Foliage WE72 Fall Leaves Invitations WE73 Forever Entwined WE74 Passionate Peony WE75
WE71 - Entwined Scripture WE72 - Sophisticated Foliage WE73 - Fall Leaves WE74 - Forever Entwined WE75 - Passionate Peony
Stamped Flowers Invitations WE76 Whimsical Blooms WE77 Birch Branch Invitations WE78 Maple Leaves Invitations WE79 Posh Paisley Invitations WE80
WE76 - Stamped Flowers WE77 - Whimsical Blooms WE78 - Birch Branch WE79 - Maple Leaves WE80 - Posh Paisley
Bold Blocks WE81 Flourish Fancy WE82 Fine Filigree WE83 Flowering Love WE84 Textured Lace WE85
WE81 - Bold Blocks WE82 - Flourish Fancy

WE83 - Fine Filigree

WE84 - Flowering Love WE85 - Textured Lace
Watercolor Garden WE86 Stylish Twirls WE87 Bamboo Bliss WE88 Watercolor Trees WE89 Paper Lanterns WE90
WE86 - Watercolor Garden WE87 - Stylish Twirls WE88 - Bamboo Bliss WE89 - Watercolor Trees WE90 - Sweet Lanterns
Shimmering Stars WE91 Enchanting Dahlia WE92 Antique Tulips WE93 Tendrils WE94 Harvest Moon WE95
WE91 - Shimmering Stars WE92 - Enchanting Dahlia WE93 - Antique Tulips WE94 - Tasteful Tendrils WE95 - Frosted Love
Tailored Typography WE96 Large Birch Branch WE97 Forget-Me-Not WE98 Three Leaf Clover WE99 Damask WE100
WE96 - Tailored Typography WE97 - Large Birch Branch WE98 - Forget Me Not WE99 - Three Leaf Clover WE100 - Damask
Paisley Border WE101 Family Tree WE102 Sunburst WE103 Cherrybud WE104 Bipanel Photo WE105
WE101 - Paisley Border WE102 - Family Tree WE103 - Sunburst WE104 - Cherrybud WE105 - Bipanel Photo
Winter Blue Damask WE106 Sunflowers WE107 Las Vegas WE108 Tree and Bench WE109 Tree Tale WE110  
WE106 - Winter Blue Damask WE107 - Sunflowers WE108 - Las Vegas WE109 - Tree and Bench WE110 - Tree Tale
Clean Lines WE111 Wedding Cake WE112 True Love WE113 Letters in Love WE114 Victorian Elegance WE115  
WE111 - Clean Lines WE112 - Wedding Cake WE113 - True Love WE114 - Letters in Love WE115 - Victorian Elegance
Horizontal Snowflakes WE116 Urban Love WE117 Sepia Photo WE118 Secret Garden WE119 Vivid Blooms WE120  
WE116 - Horizontal Snowflakes WE117 - Urban Love WE118 - Sepia Photo WE119 - Secret Garden WE120 - Vivid Blooms
Post-Wedding Samples (Programs, Thank You's)
Thank You Card PO1 Program PG14 Thank You Card PO14 Program PG16 Thank You Card PO16
PO1 - Thank You Card PG14 - Program
Coordinated Package (WE14)
PO14 - Thank You Card
Coordinated Package (WE14)
PG16 - Program
Coordinated Package (WE16)
PO16 - Thank You Card
Coordinated Package (WE16)
Program PG35 Thank You Card PO35 Program PG74 Thank You Card PO74  
PG35 - Program
Coordinated Package (WE35)
PO35 - Thank You Card
Coordinated Package (WE35)
PG74 - Program
Coordinated Package (WE74)
PO74 - Thank You Card
Coordinated Package (WE74)
Anniversary Samples
50th Anniversary Invitations AN1 Anniversary Invitations AN2 Wedding Anniversary Invitations AN3  
AN1 - 50th Anniversary AN2 - Golden Anniversary AN3 - 49th Anniversary
Special Occasion Samples (Parties, Reunions, Corporate Events, and more)
New Years Eve Party Invitations SP1 Family Reunion Invitations SP2 Class Reunion Invitations SP3 Trade Show Invitations SP4 Customer Appreciation Party Invitations SP5
SP1 - New Years Eve Party SP2 - Family Reunion SP3 - Class Reunion SP4 - Trade Show SP5 - Customer Appreciation
College Graduation Celebration SP6 High School Graduation Celebration SP7 Confirmation Invitations SP8 Spring Gala Invitation SP9 Bar Mitzvah Invitations SP10
SP6 - College Graduation SP7 - High School Graduation SP8 - Confirmation SP9 - Spring Gala SP10 - Bar Mitzvah
Homecoming Invitations SP11 Birthday Invitations SP12 Dedication Event SP13 Going Away Party SP14 Wholesale Gift Show SP15
SP11 - Homecoming Party
SP12 - Birthday Party SP13 - Dedication Event SP14 - Going Away Party SP15 - Wholesale Gift Show
Farmers Plow Luncheon Invitations SP16 Birthday Party and Dance Invitations SP17 High School Class Reunion Invitations SP18 Holiday Party Invitations SP19 Museum Open House SP20
SP16 - Luncheon Invitation SP17 - Sweet Sixteen SP18 - High School Reunion SP19 - Holiday Party SP20 - Museum Open House
Border Bar Mitzvah SP21 Vert Border Bar Mitzvah SP22 Standard Bar Mitzvah SP23 Scroll Bar Mitzvah SP24 Spring Flower Corporate SP25
SP21 - Border Bar Mitzvah SP22 - Vert Border Bar Mitzvah SP23 - Standard Bar Mitzvah SP24 - Scroll Bar Mitzvah SP25 - Spring Flower Corporate
Daisy Corporate SP26 Ribbon Bnot Mitzvah SP27 Cranberry Mitzvah SP28  
SP26 - Daisy Corporate SP27 - Ribbon Bnot Mitzvah SP28 - Cranberry Mitzvah


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